A.R.Wilfley & Sons, Inc.

Scheel & Co, Inc. territory: all Ohio, western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia, northern Kentucky

Pumps and Engineering Solutions

A. R. Wilfley and Sons offers their unique sealless/packingless design for pumps and engineering solutions for the most difficult pump installations. Wilfley pumps are designed for maximum seal flexibility and can be tailored to any application. The Wilfley Dynamic Seal, which eliminates mechanical seals and packing gland water, can also be fit with a wide variety of single and double mechanical seals to meet application needs.

Wilfley pumps have functioned in the most difficult process pumping requirements in numerous industries around the world with maximum efficiency and safety for over 90 years. Wilfley manufactures centrifugal pumps with advanced seal technology for both abrasive and corrosive applications. Wilfley pumps meet ASME specifications and are available in a variety of materials and configurations. Wilfley maintains its’ own foundry and provides quality metallurgy second to none.

Markets Served:

  • Ammonium Nitrate
  • Cement & Aggregate
  • Chemical Processing
  • Fertilizer
  • Food & Beverage
  • Mining
  • Water Treatment

Chemical Pumps

  • A9 Process Pump
  • A9R Process Pump - recessed for larger particle and fiber sizes
  • A9LF Process Pump - low-flow high-head applications
  • A7 Process Pump/A7NM (non-metal) Process Pump

End Suction Slurry Pumps

  • EMW® Slurry Pump
  • S3 Chemical Slurry Pump

Side Suction Slurry Pumps

  • Kpro® Slurry Pump
  • K Slurry Pump
  • HD Slurry Pump


For more information about A.R. Wilfley & Sons Products, please visit their website: Wilfley

Product Application Request

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  • Telephone and Email
  • Solution OR Slurry
  • Flow Rate
  • Differential Head
  • Maximum Solution Level Above Pump Centerline
  • Temperature and pH
  • Voltage Level
  • Rubber Lined OR Metal