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Full Service Wastewater Treatment Systems and Equipment

Applied Mechanical Technology Water/Wastewater Division provides water and wastewater treatment equipment and solutions to industry and governments worldwide. From single treatment components such as a filter or an oil water separator to a complete turnkey treatment system including installation, AMT can provide the solution in a cost-effective quality-driven approach.

AMT designs and manufactures the core technology components so you are guaranteed high quality at cost-effective prices. In addition to in-hose design, engineering, and fabrication of core components including complete design and manufacture of associated control systems, AMT also has strategic relationships with major component suppliers such as bio-treatment modules, specialty filters and medias, instruments and sensors, dosing pumps, mixers, transfer pumps, piping components and everything else needed to complete a full system design. AMT can also provide chemistry and performance support in collaboration with your preferred chemical vendors, or we can recommend local chemical vendors to ensure the best possible performance and support.

Water/wastewater Treatment Systems

  • Tank trailer washracks
  • Locomotive washracks
  • Railcar washracks
  • Barge cleaning
  • Ships bilge and drydock systems
  • Metal forming and coating
  • Bakery (snacks and cakes)
  • Meat processing (cured and cooked)
  • Groundwater remediation
  • River water turbidity removal systems
  • IX ion exchange systems with specialty media for various metals
  • Algae removal systems




For specific application examples,please view this PDF.

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  • Contaminants
  • Flow Rate (capacity)
  • Generation Period (ie 24 hrs/day; 8 hrs/day)
  • Temperature and pH
  • Contamination Levels Influent (attach analysis if available)
  • Required Effluent Levels (discharge limits from local POTW)
  • Location: Inside or Outside
  • Degree of Automation Required
  • Total Suspended Solids
  • Total Dissolved Solids
  • Metals Present